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Avonlea - Dancer

So, this is one of those pictures that came together through experimentation, starting with a new custom full body morph to get a dancer's proportions, then some material customization to use Stalker Girl Hair for a natural redhead, then deciding it was past time I tried to use Helena's Tomb. The sky light window on that setting prompted me to use an atmosphere camera, to try for some nice sunbeams (these are not intense enough to really call god rays...). To give the scene a bit more life, I threw in some furnishings to create a kind of sultan's throne with a Gianni 6 figure in the alternate Dragon Rider's garb. I had a hell of a time getting a good render, with surfaces blacking or whiting out and the skin on Gianni developing an odd, UV following, moire pattern. I got two of the three fixed, but had to smooth out Gianni's skin in Photoshop--unfortunately, it was a choice between preserving face details and removing the pattern, so the pattern is still detectable at high resolution. If I ever figure out what caused the problem and can get a better render, I will update this.