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Avonlea - On The Trail

This is another "real" character illustration; not just a test render to get a clear look at a character design. I have not had time to set up my new computer to the point where I can create new morphs, so Avonlea is getting used a lot. I stumbled across an unfinished set-up using some different body morphs, put her in a costume I had yet to use, along with an HDR set I had not used, added a few props and came up with this scene. Once again, I'm having issues with some surfaces blacking out even though I'm not using any surface flagging. It never happens in the spot renders, but as soon as I do a full render there's something missing. The first few people to see this will notice the knife is blacked out. I'm not using an AoA Ambient light, but the HDR set includes an UberEnvironment light; works differently, but may be what's causing the problem. Once I look at the settings and figure out what needs to be done to get it back, I'll update the image file.

Edit: So, on closer inspection, the .tiff used for the reflection map in the UberEnvironment light was not applied in the full render. I swapped for the background .jpg and got my reflective surfaces back with some additional ambient lighting--almost too much at first. After a little tweaking and a new render, I can show the complete illustration (assuming there's no need for additional post-work).

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