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Avonlea - Elegant Portrait - Post

Although this image was rendered with the rest of my "Elegant Evening" pictures, this close in shot was so detailed it was painfully obvious that it was a 3D render. The bump map was too strong, and combined with the lighting, the skin was too flat. Since I was working on getting the best results without postwork, I put this aside. Recently, after looking at some of my Photopaint projects, I decided that this image could be saved with a little postwork. I blurred and color filtered the background, and ran through a set of filters and adjustment layers to increase contrast and pick out details and colors while giving the skin more luminosity and subsurface scattering. I am not happy with the texture in the white of the eyes, but I want to see if there is a way to fix that in the render so I can avoid that look in the future. If I succeed, I'll update this with the result. If not, I'll have to fix it by hand in Photoshop.