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Touchdown (AKA Dismount)

This illustration uses my own (black and white, originally) photography, for the building in the background; the basic form of the plane was modeled and rendered in Blender and finished in Photoshop CS5; the figure was morphed, posed and rendered in DAZ 4, her face modeled in FaceGenModeller 3.5, and her hair created in Illustrator CS5; and the composition and finishing for the entire scene was done in Photoshop CS5.

Edit: In the previous edit, I updated the costume a bit, based on other versions of the character I've worked on recently. At the time, I admitted that I expected to do more as time permits. In a brief window of opportunity, I extended the scene to include more of the intended background. I had to do a lot of work to get the nose of the plane to match (since it was not in the frame for the original work). While I was at it, I polished up the details on the rest of the plane. Now, the whole scene is much closer to what I originally intended. I guess this proves that every step counts!