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Winter Crossing - Part I

For this image, I am using armor that is probably too "expensive" for Avalon and Avonlea's story, but I became caught up in the challenge of matching the quality of the White Knight Armor for Genesis 3 Females on the Battle Armor for Genesis and DAZ's Horse 2 Ceremonial Armor. I am also using completely new character morphs created for use with G3 Male and Female figures. In addition to completely new materials and adapting the armor shader, I had to remove a few bones and do a little weight mapping to add some rigidity to the Battle Armor Spaulders to remove the distortion caused by DAZ Studio's autofitting morphs. The background is one of two HDRI's I purchased to use in combination with the winter sets created by Stonemason that I purchased from the DAZ Store. Both HDRI's ended up being too shallow for those sets, unfortunately, but they still work for a sequence including those sets. The other HDRI will be used for Winter Crossing - Part II, coming soon.