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Promo Art - Sensual Skin Resource for M5 (Prospective)

Over the past two years I've been scratching out as much free time as I can to gear up for the challenge of becoming a PA at DAZ. Mostly, that has meant solidifying my 3D modeling skills, which have been a learn-at-need sort of thing for years. I have been working with Photoshop for many years before learning 3D. I am planning on trying everything, but the obvious first choice for me to start with as a PA is character design. I ran into a problem when I needed to start making skins for my male characters; there do not seem to be any really good M5 resource skins--which seems to be the most versatile UV to work with right now. After more than a month of cutting, warping, splicing and painting--even in channels to repair jpg artifacts that pop out under the right light or filter combinations. I'm pretty happy with the result.