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Avonlea - Paladin - Zombie Nest

I got off to a pretty good start, the first few months I was able to focus on learning 3D illustration, but once I had a full time job and a 4 hour commute, I sort of back-slid a bit. I'm pretty happy with all the work I've done recently, but to be honest I've only had a few hours over a couple of days each weekend until the last week. So, I'm happy to share an image that I was able to spend more time setting up. Fortunately, I just picked up the creature creater bundle for Gen 2 Males, allowing me to create some nice zombies without having to spend days creating custom mats and morphs. Eventually, I plan to invest time in creating my own mats, morphs and models; but that will probably hinge on me making money at it. I will look into becoming a Published Artist at DAZ, of course, but I have to split my time between finding work, working on client projects when I get them, and learning/practicing with all the modeling tools I can get access to (Hexagon, Blender, Bryce, Terragen, etc).

Obviously, I'm also going to be putting time into doing more, and better, illustrations like this! Enjoy!

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