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Skyline - Strike Team - Target Acquired

This is a scene built on an inspiration feedback loop. I started with the central female character, Amanda. I created her to "model" the Rogue Sci-Fi Suit For V6 when I first got it. She in turn inspired me to use the setting by Stonemason: Skyline Hall. The included lighting rig suggested some kind of "red alert" in progress, so I added a strike team made up of a MECH 2012 Enforcer backed up by a squadron of G1 men in Tech Soldier: Special Forces gear. I had already done the material tweaks, so the only challenge was getting them posed. The staging suggested a post-conflict situation so I added the final character, tying the whole scene together. The character is a Michael 4 base wearing Hardcore M4 with Ricardi Hairstyle. The blood spill is a splash prop from smay's Add On for Zombie using a blood shader from JoLab1985's Liquid Pack.