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Kate - Underworld - Portrait

At the time I created this, I had been using DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro for a few weeks, combing their store for key items and taking advantage of the Patinium Club discount to build up a content library. For this scene, I used the Parkside Tube Station set, and Dark Moods and Love Me Hair for Genesis to outfit the character, Kate. I know, for this scene I should say "Selene" but when I created the custom head in FaceGen 3.5.3 Free, Kate Beckinsale was one of my key references, so I named the customized Genesis figure "Kate". The set, the clothes, the hair and the character were all destined for an Underworld homage. It's one of my favorite movies, so I could hardly object.

Hardly surprising, then, that this is now at the top of my list of favorite works. I've featured this in my prosite portfolio and on my revamped myspace page. Even though Underworld has slid into a slight alternate future, I still regard it as modern or urban fantasy (it's vampires and weres, duh!) so that's how I categorized it on dA.