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Avonlea - Paladin Revisited

Learning is a process, and life throws curves that eat away at your time, so it can be years before you can get an illustration to where you wanted it to be from the beginning. I'm still learning, but by this point I'm able to apply some of it to a scene that was almost there from the beginning. Paladin Revisited is the same scene as before, but fleshed out. To begin with, I have updated the character morphs for Avonlea (5th generation, version 6!). I made a custom material for her armor's chainmail, and fully customized skin and hair shaders. There are a couple of antagonists now, albeit dialed up from existing morphs, and thanks to finally learning how to edit and create HDRE images, the background is free of signs of civilization. Combined with the spherical camera in Iray, the scene can also be rendered in 360°.

This time around, I also did some real postwork, to give a slightly painted quality to the final image.