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As an amateur or even part time artist, I rarely had the time to invest my full skill and attention in an illustration. As a contractor, I have to bid low to get paid projects, so again the quality suffers. This illustration is an example of what I can do at a professional level. The idea for this image has been with me for a long time. It's also an example of how I got started in 3D; using the basic tools to create elements for a 2D project. To create it, I used DAZ to pose and render the base nude figure, FaceGenModeller 3.5 Free to customize the head, a collage of photo references and Photoshop to paint the background, as well as clothing, hair and facial details on the girl.

I could have done this as a nude (I really haven't done any to speak of) but the point here was to improve my portfolio, so it is better not to make it "mature content" and limit where I can show it.

Anyway, I realize it's been a while since I posted anything. I've been Elancing, so I have not had any time for art of my own--though it's helping a little to make money as an artist. I've done five book covers, two CD covers and a bit of everything else. As an illustrator, my best hopes are to focus on cover art, concept art, game art, and ad illustration. I had hoped to do custom illustration for web sites, too, but I have not seen many requests for it.

I guess you just have to know people, or be known. I don't mind people downloading or sharing this if it helps build my rep (girl side or guy side), but this is a not-for-profit pic. I'm sure my use of source photos is covered under fair use. I'm not going to push it, however.