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Avonlea - Urban Rain Pinup

So, when I created this, I was working 8 hours a day, five days a week. I spent an hour and a half to two hours commuting each way, and I trird to get 8 hour of sleep a night. That meant I only had a couple hours in an evening, or Saturday or Sunday, to devote to art. Being able to set up and render a scene like this (I actually needed 2 renders to get the reflections) on Saturday, and then finish the post work in a few hours on Sunday, really made me happy.

I had to close out DAZ and switch to PS to finish, so I don't have a handy reference for the background and rain effects I used, but I'm pretty sure it is Urban Future 4 - Street Level by Stonemason and Dreamlight's Psy District add-on. I also used AgeOfArmor's Advanced Ambient Light and Atmospheric Camera for good lighting and haze effects. I was not successful in making the streets reflective, using the default materials, so I applied the shader from Useful Mirrors for DAZ Studio to the ground for a second render and merged the two versions--and touched up the textures on the building close up on the right.


Made with...
Pure Hair: Nightlife for Genesis
Advanced Ambient Light
DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro
Urban Future 4 Psy District
Urban Future 4 :Street Level
Atmospheric Effects Cameras for DAZ Studio
Useful Mirrors for DAZ Studio
GIS Biosuit
Yamaki Rapture