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Avonlea - Urban Quarters - Pause For Thought

This is, more or less, the image I had in mind when I started setting up the scene using Stonemason's Sci-Fi Bedroom. Even though the settings and costumes are not a real match for the portion of Avonlea's story set in a sci-fi context, working with them in series has been fair practice for a time when I could use 3D illustration to produce a graphic novel. Though I'd love to do everything by hand, drawing and painting on a tablet, I can't really afford the time it takes until I find some way to publish and support myself doing it. In 3D, I am able to work faster, and thus accomplish more in my spare time.

Made with...
Pure Hair: Nightlife for Genesis
Boots for Genesis
Dark Raven Bundle
G-Suit, Bodysuit for Genesis
GIS Biosuit
Yamaki Rapture
Wicked Dance Fevah
Sci-Fi Bedroom