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Selene - Improved Portrait

I keep finding items that help to make a better Selene from Underworld. Even though she's a favorite character from a favorite movie series, I don't usually stick with the same subject this long. I got started on this series when the first few items I bought in the DAZ store made me think of Underworld. Of course, the items weren't perfect for Selene, but a few weeks ago I picked up the Shadowcaster Bundle, and it was perfect for her. A day after I posted the illustration I made with it, I found hair that was also perfect--prompting me to do this piece. It also forced me to learn how area lights worked, so I could adjust the Parkside High Hallways lighting to match the look I got in post in the previous image. I did not like the look of her skin in the first render, so I added a human surface shader I found in the omnifreaker folder--I'm not sure when I got it, or what product it installed with, but it was pretty helpful. I still did a lot in post to improve on the hair and skin, with adjustments to better match the scenery to the previous image. This image crosses the line from homage to true fan art--still more of a cinematic style than a pin-up, though. less

Made with...
Pure Hair: Nightlife for Genesis
Bad Guy for Genesis
DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro
Shadowcaster Bundle
Latex Shaders
West Park Legacy
Parkside High Hallways