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Avonlea & "Black" Jack - The Ministry Confrontation

This is a version of Avonlea based on the Genesis 2 Female model, using my own custom morph options, the G2 Super Suit with my own material tweaks, Ranger Hair (also with custom material tweaks), and the Ministry set by Stonemason. The sky is an HDRE I created using a free image from HDRMaps with a direct light for the sun, an uberenvironment light and the map HDRI. The interior lighting uses 2 soft neutral direct lights, an advanced ambient light centered on Avonlea, and a pair of advanced spot lights to provide highlights and contrast. I think the customization on the hair makes it a bit flat; I have to look at it again and see if I remembered to tweak the specular channel. I considered hitting the hair with a sharpen brush in Photoshop, but decided to wait until I've tested my theory. As mentioned before, I don't have the time for hi-res rendering, but once I get a place to live and work, I will produce new print-quality renders and make them available in my print store.

In the next scene in this series, Avonlea has tracked down and confronted her opponent, "Black" Jack... Jack is based on the Genesis figure using Michael 5 morphs in combination with various shaping morphs and a FaceGen head morph of my own. The pants and shoes are from the Men's Night Life set, the shirt is from Dark Moods for Genesis and the facial hair is the beard base from Unshaven Beard for Genesis.

The third and fourth scene are close-ups on each character, which would be accompanied by dialogue--an exchange of taunts--before getting to the action. I hope to be able to add more scenes on this thread soon.