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Avonlea - An Elegant Evening

Avonlea is wearing the Shredded Dress for Genesis 2 Females, Short Ponytail Hair for Aiko 6, the dog tag is from Bad Guy for Genesis, the shoes are from Xiao Mei's Finery HD for Aiko 6, and the scenery is La Dolce Vita Restaurant.

I have a G1 and G2 Male in the background, and this version of Avonea uses the G2 Female. I accidentally left my raytrace depth at 8 (I was working on a reflective shader previously) so this render took over 30 hours.

The slightly longer "corridor" shot is included in this series to offer a better look at the setting. Working with 3D sets has given me an appreciation for the difficulty of finding good "camera" angles in tight spaces. Fortunately, a long corridor like this makes it easier.