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Toni - Urban Future 1 - Twilight

This is my first Iray render--and thanks to a number of posts by artists who worked with the beta of Daz Studio 4.9, I was able to sort out a number of issues involving shader and lighting properties unique to this engine before the first, full resolution render. The only real issue I had to fix on the final was a tiny bit of surface blur to fix the graininess created by the unbiased rendering. In the set up, I used the Toni for Victoria 4 and Genesis 2 Female(s) character morph, the Sci-Fi Body Suit SF-001 (with a little materials editing) and Stonemason's Urban Future set (lighting it with meshlights selected from the available surfaces). To help pull the figure out of the background, I added a rim light rig of photometric spotlights. I left it to render overnight, after doubling the default Max Samples/Max Time settings, and it finished well before I woke up. All said, not a bad first run at Iray.