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Exterminatus Cadre Banner

Exterminatus Cadre is a World of Tanks clan co-founded by a couple of friends who asked me to help set up a clan forum and website. This illustration, featuring a T28 tank destroyer and an M103 heavy tank was created for use on that site. The images for the tanks were picked up online and modified in Photoshop for use in this picture. The grass and sky--and the rock texture used on the mountains--were from my personal collection of photographic stock. The trees were originally black and white silhouettes, and like the mountains, were painted and finished in Photoshop CS5.

EDIT: Now that we can post spherical panoramics, I thought I'd share the experiment I did using this background. I wanted to see if I could paint an HDRE, and succeeded in making a spherical map, but never got around to creating the high and low exposures needed to convert to HDR.